Bridal Portraits For My Little Sister

Since I've become a full time graphic designer with a 9-5, you don't really find me doing portraits as often as I use to. I often joke about being a retired photographer. It's not that I have lost a love for photography or anything, but I just enjoy the art of shooting, and don't really like the business side of being a photographer. Ask any professional photographer and they will tell you. It's way more involved than just pulling out your camera and snapping some pictures.

That being said, when my little sister told me she was getting married, I jumped at the idea of doing all her photography. 

This past Sunday she made the most beautiful bride I've ever seen. She was completely stunning. So now that the world has seen her in her dress and she is officially Mrs Levi Barrier, I would like to share a few of the gorgeous shots I got during her bridal shoot.

Also, Ill be sharing photos from the actual wedding soon.

Tyler NealComment